Planning Application Documents

These are the supporting documents from the Argyll and Bute Council website. We have kept the Argyll and Bute reference number but have given them a title which helps you understand what they are about. Some of these are very big files so best to download them to look at later!  You will probably need the latest Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader 5.0 to open the larger files.

We are looking at these documents in detail and will post up our observations in due course.  If you have views and/or technical expertise in any of the areas covered by the documents please email material to:Save Seil Sound email address

This 5.9MB file is the set of plans lodged with the Planning application.

20518784_General Correspondence.pdf
This small file is just bureaucratic correspondence with the planners

20518796_Planning Application Form.pdf
This 557KB file is the actual Planning Application form.

This huge 27MB file is the “EIA Template for Screening & Scoping, Marine Pen Fish Farming”.  It includes a copy of the Application and the Plans listed above, and then sets out the developer’s and statutory consultees’ views on the environmental and other impacts of the proposal.  It includes views from SNH, SEPA, Marine Science Scotland, and the Council’s Marine & Coastal Unit & Biodiversity Officer.  It concludes with the opinion that an EIA is not required for the proposed development, signed off by the Council’s Richard Kerr.

This small file sets out Lakeland’s policy on minimising and dealing with predation

This 1033KB file sets out the developer’s “Veterinary Health Plan & Biosecurity Measures Plan”

This 500KB file is the “Farm Partnership Agreement for Lower Firth of Lorn”.  The only partners are the two fish farmers.  It includes a map showing fish farm locations.

This small file is Lakeland’s Seal management licence.  It sets out the procedures for shooting seals.

This 3MB file models the use of Azamethiphos, Cypermetrin and Deltamethrin for the treatment of Sea Lice.

This 5.4MB file is just that, the Site & Hydrographic Survey

This very technical 12.5MB file is the “Biomass & in-feed consent limit modelling”. It covers organic waste and the implications of the use of in-feed sea-lice treatments.  It recommends a biomass consent of 2500 tonnes.

This small file cover predators, mortality removal, escapee procedure, etc.

This 3.8MB file covers various impacts.  It includes sections on: the affect on the Firth of Lorn Special Area of Conservation (SAC), water column impacts, predators, interactions with wild salmonids, navigation, landscape, noise, socioeconomic, access & recreation.

The above documents details are taken from the application and supporting documents lodged with Argyll & Bute Council under ref 11/01066/MFF, which can be viewed online here:-
Argyll and Bute Council website
If you visit the Argyll and Bute wbsite you can make your own comment on the proposals online and also keep track of the number and names of people who have commented so far as well as looking at the text of the comments received so far.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust objections to the fish farm proposal can be viewed as a PDF document here.