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• Fish Farming and Marine Biology information
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• Wildlife Interest Groups and other Campaigns
• the Politics of Fish Farming
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Links to Other Fish Farm Campaigns:

Here is the “No Fish Farms In Broad Bay” blog reporting on the successful campaign against fish farms on the Isle of Lewis:

Here is the Community of Arran Seabed Trust’s [COAST] home page and also its successful objection to a fish farm at Lamlash, Arran:

Here is the Salmon & Trout Association’s (S&TA) Aquaculture Campaign which aims to move the salmon farming industry towards a more environmentally sustainable position:

This is the website of The Salmon Farm Monitor.  Although the Salmon Farm Protest Group has now closed down the website still has lots of content and further links:

The Pure Salmon Campaign worked to improve the way salmon is produced and highlighted problems with salmon aquaculture.  This is their home page:

The Campaign For The Protection of Welsh Fisheries reports on current developments including the Chinese Deal for Scottish Farmed Salmon and information gleaned from Marine Scotland under freedom of information laws (FOI) by Guy Linley-Adams, their solicitor instructed on the aquaculture campaign.

Links to Sources of Fish Farm and Marine Biology information:

This page from the Pure Salmon Campaign focuses on issues of waste contamination from salmon farms

This is the above page in document form with added sources and citations

There are two people who we kept finding references to when we researched pollution and waste from fish farms.  The first is Rebecca J Goldburg PhD, Senior Scientist at Environmental Defense's New York City headquarters, and the second is R.W.Hardy, Professor and Director, Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station, University of Idaho.

Here are some papers from Rebecca and her co-authors:
The first is the paper “Marine Aquaculture in the United States – Environmental Impacts and Policy Options”  – PEWOceans.Aquaculture Report – Look at page 13 in this document where it reports that “A salmon farm of 200,000 fish releases an amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and fecal matter roughly equivalent to the nutrient waste in the untreated sewage from 20,000,25,000,and 65,000 people, respectively” – the Ardmaddy proposal we are faced with is twice this size! --
These figures for nitrogen, phosphorus and fecal matter are repeated in Rebecca Goldburg’s testimony to the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy

And here is the article from R.W.Hardy “Urban Legends and Fish Nutrition” which is quoted in many of these papers.

This is another of the papers we looked at when trying to work out quantities of faecal waste from caged salmon.

This Fact Sheet is from

Here is another useful Nature article by Rebecca Goldburg et al
Effect of aquaculture on world fish supplies

Links to other Fishing and Marine Sources:

Here is the Salmon and Trout Association’s page on Fish Farming & Aquaculture

and here is its Stand up for Wild Salmon website with interesting links and a link to Bruce Sandison’s video “Shame Below the Waves”:

Fish Legal (formerly the ACA) is a non-profit making organisation set up to use the law to fight pollution and other damage to the water environment:

The Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum is a registered charity and an independent company whose main aim is to support research into aquaculture and related areas;

The Atlantic Salmon Trust has been involved in the funding and sponsorship of practical research programmes tackling the problems wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout face today:

Here is Alexandra Morton’s Raincoast Research Society site.  This is a Canadian site but there is information on acoustic harassment devices on this page, plus a lot more on the rest of the site.

Here is Rob Edward’s environmental news and comment page reporting on a film about the salmon farming industry:

Here is Youtube footage and links to “Farm Salmon Exposed” posted in The Salmon Atlas’ forum pages:

Here is a BBC News item “Inspections reveal 'sea lice breaches' in salmon farms”:

And here is the Wikipedia page on fish farming:

Links to Wildlife Interest Groups and other Campaigns:

The Saving Scotland’s Seals Campaign aims to create, effective legislation to provide seals with full protection:

This is the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust’s website:

Here’s a Facebook page “Save Argyll Seals and Wild Salmon” which refers to the Ardmaddy proposal:

Links to the Politics of Fish Farming

The Observer article “Scotland's wild salmon face 'calamity' from trade deal with China” by David Sharrock:

The Observer article “You're so wrong about salmon, Mr Salmond; The new trade deal with China has terrifying implications for our wild fish stocks”  Andrew Flitcroft:

This is COAST’s article “Are Scottish salmon being sold down the river?” about Alex Salmond, two pandas, and salmon:

And more about those pandas .............

Links to Leisure Uses and Tourism:

The Scottish Sea Kayaking Photo Gallery documents a trip around Seil and shows the Ardmaddy site in the “13:56 Crossing the Sound of Seil to Dun Crutagain” photo. We like this website!
Here is their blogpost - Seil Sound under threat with some great photos of the Port na Morachd site

Picture from Barry DeakinHere is a picture from Barry Deakin looking up the coast towards the proposed Ardmaddy site:
It won’t look like this any more with a huge fish farm in the water just below the hill on the left of the picture!

Here is a good map showing the Port Na Morachd bay which is the proposed site of the Ardmaddy fish farm, on the Saturday Walkers' Club’s website
This webpage has a link to Naked Walking but we don’t think you will want to do this here as there will be too many ticks and midges!

Here is an article on the scottishboating blog featuring a traditional boat group sailing round Torsa.  Great pictures here of the very waters threatened by the proposed fish farm:

Another an article from the scottishboating blog, this time featuring the site Open Canoe Sailing Group   making passage from Oban, south through Seil Sound, to Loch Melfort:

Links to Local Information & Organisations:

Here is the JNCC page describing the Firth of Lorn Special Area of Conservation (SAC):

Here is a map of the Firth Of Lorn (SAC):

and also here

Seil Online is here:

And Seil Chat has Forum pages on the Ardmaddy Fish Farm proposal here:

TorsaTorsa Island is just across for the proposed Ardmaddy / Port na Morachd site.  The Torsa House and Island website has a great picture looking down on to the remains of the fort (Caisteal nan Con) with Dun Crutagain and Port na Morachd in the background.  Here is the Torsa picture gallery:

And here is the above picture:

And here is a bit of fun – scottishmotorman flying a Paramotor over the Isle of Seil,  -- He almost goes over the proposed Ardmaddy / Port na Morachd site!

Here is the Torsa Wikipedia page: