By-Election reply from Louise Glen-Lee SNP

The first to reply is Louise Glen-Lee, the SNP candidate.

SaveSeilSound has done an impressive job in raising awareness of this issue in a public forum and in gathering evidence. It has highlighted... environmental impacts that may otherwise have been hidden and provided a voice to the concerns of those who may not have been heard. The proposed fish farm is something that certainly concerns a great number of people who, quite rightly, want to protect what is very precious to them around Seil, Melfort and Shuna.

I want people to be actively engaged with planning and your actions show this is possible. I believe Argyll and Bute Council should introduce a planning matrix that clearly sets out issues that will be given weight (and how much weight) during the application process (such as visual impact, public response, economic impact, consultation, environmental impact and so on).

People often say they feel excluded from the process of opposing planning applications - therefore any way to improve this disenfranchisement is important.
In any matter a councillor must represent the people of the ward. I am reminded of this fact every time I knock a door to ask for a vote. It is certainly something I am committed to doing - whatever my personal view on a particular subject.

Representing the people of Oban North and Lorn alongside having an overview on improving the wellbeing of its residents, sustainability of our way of life and economic viability of business and employers (through education, development, infrastructure, planning and so on) is my duty.

It is interesting to note that there are areas where fish farms are actively sought. I was at a community council meeting on Mull where scoping for a number of fish farm was cautiously welcomed for the economic and social impact they would have (including long-term jobs and associated social housing).

To sum up - as a ward councillor I will be honoured to wholeheartedly represent your views.