By-Election Reply from George Doyle, Independent Candidate

Here is the comment on our campaign from Independent Candidate George Doyle

I believe that any food production should be encouraged whilst it satisfies a basic need. However when the food produced is used to boost exports and is sold at high prices to foreign markets, it becomes, not a basic food, but, a niche commodity. Expanding production, for no other reason than profit, with little regard for the hygiene and health at the production source, should not be encouraged.

The arguments about sealice, toxic waste under cages, and other environmental concerns seem to be never ending. Both sides throwing mud instead of trying to resolve matters. Both sides should get together and discuss a safe and clean level of production instead of holding polarised consultations and presentations. I’m sure agreement could be reached on size and sites if fixed dogma is set aside. It’s my opinion that with the Eurozone in semi crisis the export of seafoods may be adversely affected through fears of non-payment by end user. This would perhaps explain the push towards a home market (Oban Seafood Capital etc). It used to be “gateway to the isles”.