By-Election Reply from Dr. David Pollard, Lib Dem

The following reply was received from Dr David Pollard, the Liberal Democrat candidate

As a Councillor it is not possible to have a strong opinion on a planning application and at the same time sit on the planning committee making a decision about it. At this point therefore I am not prepared to state my position in advance of being elected in case I am asked to join the planning committee and assist in the decision process. However I can assure you of 2 things;-

      1. I would not support the application as it stands as I would require far more information before I could decide, not least the size of the structures and their impact on the landscape

      2. I will keep you informed of all that transpires regarding the application and keep you up to date on everything that happens. In addition I would insist that all your questions were answered, and using my authority as a Councillor would ensure that the planners treated your questions with the seriousness they deserve and keep you informed of all your rights, such as the opportunity to ask questions at Council meetings.